Dreaming of putting garbage in the wastebasket foreshadows that there may be new changes in life.

Dreaming of the difficult journey of carrying a basket carrying things, indicates that I will experience difficult things in life or work.

Dreaming of buying a paper basket to give to others indicates that their own behavior in life will attract attention from others.

Dreaming of throwing garbage into the trash can implies that you want to lose your troubles, forget unpleasant memories, etc., but on the other hand, it may also suggest that you want to avoid responsibility.

Dreaming that no matter how you throw it, there is still a lot of garbage, suggesting that you desire peace in your heart.

People in love have such dreams, suggesting that you desire to eliminate all troubles, and love develops smoothly.

Dreaming about your family telling you to throw away the trash, shows that you sincerely hope that the relationship will be successful.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream basket, fierce. In this dream, the parents are difficult to recover from disease, the fame of fame is difficult to achieve, the profit of the business is less, the right and wrong are up, the lawsuit is implicated, and the pain is anxious. The child is born empty, and its mother is at risk. Once the flame is cracked, the four seasons are stolen and disabled. Mysterious Dreams