Dictionaries and encyclopedias are both tools that can help people understand the world outside of them, but they can't help people understand themselves better.

Dreaming of a dictionary means that you are too curious and will be tortured by sorrow and difficulties.

Dreaming of the loss of the dictionary means that in the face of difficulties, your partner will abandon yourself and you should choose your friends carefully.

To dream of finding a dictionary means that you will suffer bad luck. Instead of following the guidance of others, it is better to go your own way and do what you want to do the most.

Dreaming of a dictionary symbolizes answers and norms.

Dreaming of a Chinese dictionary indicates that you are expanding your knowledge.

Dreaming of a foreign language dictionary indicates that you are expanding your social contacts.

A student dreams of looking up a dictionary indicates a serious study attitude; an adult dreams of looking up a dictionary, implying that you may be a little uninspired in doing things, often rely on others, and have a tendency to behave in a way, a little lack of flexibility.

Dreaming that the dictionary is lost may indicate that in the face of difficulties, you may be abandoned by your friends and cannot find the support you might have previously counted on. It also reminds the dreamer to be cautious about the problem.

Dreaming of finding the dictionary implies that you should work hard to develop, cultivate an independent spirit, and don't always follow other people's instructions.

Dreaming about dictionaries and encyclopedias may indicate that you want to understand the world better, but you should avoid missing out on the joys of life and even falling into poverty because you are too curious, and too like to explore.