The wallpaper in your dreams reflects what it looks like in life.

Dreaming about yourself or staying away from the wallpaper indicates that the identity, social status and living environment of the dreamer will change.

Dreaming that the white wallpaper was posted, indicating that the dreamer's work is smooth and the environment is smooth.

Dreaming of pasting green wallpaper indicates that dreamers will achieve excellent results in their work.

Dreaming about decal wallpaper, suggesting that the dreamer's life is happy, full of fun, and many patterns.

Dreaming that the wallpaper is broken, it implies that there may be loopholes in your current work and you need to find ways to make up for it or change to a new way.

Case Study of Dreaming Wallpaper

Dream description: I don't know if a discolored wallpaper really exists, but I dreamed it. I dreamed that I stuck the wallpaper. After a while, the white wallpaper began to change, slowly showing a pattern. I was very happy at the time. (Female, 27 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The wallpaper in the dream represents the change of status. Whether it is dreaming that you are wallpapering yourself, or dreaming that others are wallpapering, is a good dream. This dream heralds a change in your social status. If you paste a white wallpaper, it means that your work is going well; a green wallpaper indicates that you will achieve excellent results in your work; and a flower wallpaper implies that your life is happy.