Dreaming of putting perfume on clothes indicates that family expenses will increase significantly.

Dreaming of putting perfume on other people's clothes indicates that you will be promoted.

Dreaming of putting perfume on your lover’s clothes indicates that you will win the heart of the other person, and love will have a big progress.

The wife dreamed of putting perfume on her husband’s clothes, indicating that she would be happy with her son, give birth to a beautiful boy, and the family would be more harmonious.

If a married man smells perfume in his dream, it implies an increase in income and a prosperous business. When a married woman dreams of this kind of dreams, she will devote more energy to her husband and make her family harmonious.

Unmarried men and women smell perfume in their dreams, and they may not be able to find the person they like for a while, and they are a little lonely inside.

Dreaming of buying perfume means that you are very popular and many people like you.

Dreaming of going to a perfume store to buy perfume, surrounded by a dazzling array of perfume bottles, suggests that you want to establish friendship with the leader, the authority, and the upper-level figures.

To dream of opening a perfume shop to sell perfume indicates that interpersonal relationships will bring you fortune, and not only will you make a fortune yourself, but also your relatives and friends will benefit from it.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dreaming of smelling perfume means that you have remembered something special. Different smells represent different experiences or feelings in dreams.

Psychoanalysis: A particular perfume can remind you of some people who have been in contact with you more. According to the different "roles" these people play in the dreamer's life, you will react differently to the corresponding perfume smell in your dreams. In addition, like the various characters in the dream, the various perfumes in the dream also represent various personalities and characteristics.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, the perfume in your dreams can represent the information you get through intuitive feelings.

Case study of dreaming about perfume fragrance

Dream description: I am not a person in my life, but I dreamt of a woman's body fragrance, a unique fragrance. Smell and smell, the fragrance is getting stronger and stronger, but only by smelling the fragrance, but not seeing the person. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: The fragrance in the dream reminds you to handle the relationship between the sexes carefully. Dreaming of general fragrance represents the happiness of life. When a man dreams of a smelly smell, it reminds you not to be used by a woman with wrong intentions. A woman dreams of a special fragrance is telling you not to give up your feelings easily. Dreaming of sourness is a symbol of health. Dreaming of sweetness is a symbol of love and marriage. Dreaming of bitterness means an increase in troubles. Dreaming about spicy taste reminds you to be calm and calm when doing things. Dreaming of ups and downs is a symbol of deep emotions.