Dreaming of hanging mosquito nets while sleeping may indicate that you will soon build a new house or purchase a new industry.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream Furong account, Kyrgyzstan. Furongzi's surname is Chang, and her beauty is a little ill. It's okay to pray. Menglin Xuanjie

Sitting majestically in the dream red brocade. The position of the prominent people has moved, business prospects are all beneficial, and the woman has a pregnancy and a male. Menglin Xuanjie

There are lights in the dream red Luo tent, Ji. There are lights in Menghongluo's tent, the main business is heavy, and talents have children. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream towel account. Those who dream of this, play the crown and celebrate with each other, change their voice, and can relax their muscles and bones, and they will be able to relax. Dai Fangluyuan, adults are welcome. To the door of sending, you must be careful and quit. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream of setting up a tent. To live in dreams, guests come; to dreams of nine streams, to have a high reputation; to dreams of monks, to live by people; to dreams of a mansion, to come from home. Those who dream this do not matter the color. Menglin Xuanjie

Open the tent, and the Lord has food and wine. Dreamsmeaning Book

The dream veil is all over the sky. This dream lord lives in seclusion in the inner room, a sign of unlucky luck. Those with neat dreams will have no luck and no disaster. If you dream of this mantle, you will have disasters in the main man; if you dream of it, you will have disasters in the main woman. Those who dream of peeping inside the tent and looking out of the tent, or peeping inside the tent outside the tent, are the master of treacherous and ominous things. Menglin Xuanjie

If the tent is broken, the wife is sick. Dreamsmeaning Book