To dream of a pipe indicates that you have to take responsibility and solve the problem.

A married woman dreams of a pipe, someone in her husband's family may die.

If an unmarried woman dreams of a pipe, she may miss a great opportunity for love or marriage .

The patient dreamed of a pipe, which indicated that he would soon recover to health.

A man dreams of smoking with a pipe indicates that he is healthy and strong.

It means that someone else is smoking a pipe, suggesting that your business may be affected by others or indirectly profitable.

To dream of taking a pipe to attend a meeting indicates that you will win widespread respect, trust, and respect in the industry.

To dream of buying a new pipe or repairing a pipe indicates that you may go to a wedding in the near future.

To dream of a broken pipe indicates that you may be separated from an important friend.

Dreaming of yourself fighting for a pipe with others implies that you may encounter painful things and make your life boring.

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Someone please buy a new pipe. Dreamsmeaning Book