Dreaming of vinegar indicates that you may have a hard and toiling life, but the harvest is not too great.

When a man dreams of being jealous, he will be angry with relatives or conflicts with friends.

When a woman dreams of being jealous, she will become a noisy woman, and the whole family will be disturbed by her.

The patient dreams of being vinegar, will become a violent person. Because of a quarrel with doctors and nurses, I can't get good treatment. The disease will get worse.

A businessman dreams of being jealous will quarrel with customers and damage his business.

To dream of giving others vinegar will give you a great shock. http:///wupin/cu.html

Dreaming of receiving vinegar from someone else will soon encounter danger.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of drinking wine, fierce. Li is also vinegar, and dreams are sour. Farewell to life and death, it is inevitable to feel sad; to meet people, not to get rid of the shabby smell. Women dream of this, they must be jealous. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Vinegar is an acidic substance, which symbolizes information and materials that are difficult to digest and understand. It also causes difficulties for the person who eats it.

Psychological analysis: Vinegar is a portrait of life, because it is conducive to preservation, and it is made through various changes. In dreams, the similar properties of vinegar can be expressed as a variety of symbols.

Spiritual symbol: to maintain a certain spiritual life. In addition, all the substances that make people feel precious can easily appear as vinegar in dreams, indicating substances that need to be preserved.

Case study of dreaming about vinegar

Dream description: Dreaming that someone poured vinegar on me, and a whole bottle fell down?

Dream analysis: disputes between vinegar owners. To dream of someone pouring vinegar on me indicates that I will encounter danger soon, and I must be cautious.