The dream of a knight is similar to the dream of a hero, and it is also a symbol of indomitable and persistent struggle and courage.

  Dreaming of the Cavaliers may be inspiring you to take the challenge and take on the responsibility of Superman.

  Dreaming of cavalry, suggesting that your business has development, characteristics, and small reputation.

  Dreaming of being a cavalry is a good sign, representing a bright future.

  The businessman dreamed of being a cavalry, indicating that business would be smooth.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dreamland narration: The knight who appears in a woman's dream represents romance, and you may also be a declaration by a woman, expressing her interest in men and her pursuit of perfection. In a man's dream, a knight indicates that you may be tapping your own heroic character.

  Psychoanalysis: The knight symbolizes the principles of leadership. You are sometimes seen as the part of the higher self. The black knight is a symbol of evil. Interestingly, the "white" knights often appeared wearing face armor, while the "black" knights always appeared blindfolded.

  Spiritual symbol: On a spiritual level, the knight in dream always appears in his face.