Dreaming of seeing the opposite sex naked by chance indicates that you will be embarrassed with money and you may live a life with insufficient cash, making your social life a little awkward.

Dreaming of being surrounded by the opposite sex implies that the relationship is not going well, so you must understand each other and be considerate of each other.

Dreaming about dating with the opposite sex implies that your current relationship will change.

To dream of walking hand in hand with a friend of the opposite sex indicates that your academic performance is improving or your work is going well.

Dreaming of assaulting the opposite sex indicates that progress in communicating with people is going well. You are a very active and decisive person, and you will influence your classmates, colleagues, and friends with your actions. However, you must be careful not to feel too selfish or arbitrary, otherwise it will be offensive.

Dreaming of being pursued by the opposite sex will increase your love luck.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Seeing an important person of the opposite sex in the dream indicates that you value and highly value the characteristics of the gender. A man may be working on approaching his sensitive areas, while a woman may be developing his own reasonable elements.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of a person of the opposite sex means that you are committed to achieving a psychological balance, indicating that you are looking at yourself objectively. Only when you understand that you can cultivate the personality of the opposite sex in yourself, can you be perfected and achieve complete success. This is an important way to behave and learn.

Spiritual symbol: You express that your gender affiliation through polarization is a very precious part of your personality.

Case analysis of dreaming about the opposite sex

【Dream Case 1】

I am a middle school student, is it my normal reaction to adolescence? Or do I like her?

Dream analysis: appearing in a dream and having sex with the opposite sexThe situation usually implies your attitude towards sex. In fact, everyone will have this kind of dream when they secrete too much sex hormones. This is also a normal physiological phenomenon. But sometimes, in order to express other desires, people use the sight of sex to imply. Perhaps your motivation is not for sex at all, it may be to express your power, or it may be out of wanting to possess the other party's possessiveness. Regardless of men and women, each of us has dreamed of having sex with the opposite sex in our dreams. Generally, there are the following situations: A. The scene is vague, and the other party’s face has no impression. When you have sex with the opposite sex in a dream, you don’t even see the other party’s face clearly. From a realistic point of view, this is simply impossible. Thing. The reason why your subconscious mind uses this technique to process your dreams may be that you don’t allow you to pay attention to the truth of the other person. This may imply that you are a person who only wants to vent your sexual desires, and does not involve emotions and interpersonal relationships, so you can’t remember It would be embarrassing if Qing and who have sex with him, so as not to meet this person in real life. Usually people who have this kind of dreams are mostly people who don't have a regular sexual partner. B. The scene is clear, but the other person’s face can’t remember the place and scene of sex clearly, but they can’t remember the other person’s face. This phenomenon is probably that your subconscious just wants you to feel, not the truth. Want you to have sex. Generally speaking, after this phenomenon occurs, your physiology should react-like nocturnal emission or increased secretion. Because what your subconscious mind wants to give you is a feeling of a situation, which may be similar to the situation when making love, so the subconscious will use this kind of situation as a symbol. In the bottom of your heart, you may be eager to have a romantic scene in which you can be intoxicated. It doesn't matter whether your sexual feelings are real or not. C. The other person’s face can be remembered very clearly, and the touch feels like this kind of dream with a specific object. Obviously, it may be that you are thinking about it day by day and dreaming at night. Since you can clearly see the other person’s face, it means that you know the other person and may have a good impression of this person, and it is impossible for you to have sex with the other person in real life. In order to satisfy your desire, so you will complete or realize your sex with each other in a dream. Usually, the motivation for dreaming this kind of dream is to want to possess the other person. Otherwise, you have been sexually suppressed for too long. Your subconscious mind will find an object that makes you feel sexually interested to let you vent, so you will dream of this particular one. people. D. I have no impression of the content of the dream. I only remember the sexual reaction. The situation is that when you get up the next morning, you realize that you seem to have had sex with someone last night. Of course you can’t remember who you have sex with or where you have sex with.

[Dream Case 2]

I always dream that different people of the opposite sex like me~ some of them don't know, and some of them know. There are already objects in reality. But it doesn't seem to be disgusting with the dream scene! What does this mean.

Dream analysis: In fact, this is people's normal yearning for the opposite sex and desire for happiness.