What does it mean to dream of a shirt button ? Dreaming about shirt buttons? Shirt buttons have dreamed realistic impact and response, and subjective imagination of the dreamer, consider the following from the ( Duke explain the official website Xiao Bian help you organize the dream shirt button detailed explanation of it.

Dreaming of shirt buttons means that you will deliberately expand and render the capital you rely on to gratify and satisfy your vanity. But this dream usually brings you some success.

Dreaming that one of the buttons is larger than the other buttons, it indicates that you will dominate wealth and enjoy a comfortable life, so you will gather a lot of friends who are interested in it.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dreamland narration: The future of buttons. Buttons connect clothes, symbolizing handy career.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of new buttons means a smooth career. Dreaming of old buttons is a bad omen, and you may encounter obstacles in your career, so you need to be careful. Dreaming of old clothes with new buttons is an auspicious sign. Middle-aged man dreams that old clothes are nailed with new buttons, and he may get a house. An unmarried man dreams that old clothes are nailed with new buttons, which means that he will marry a young and beautiful wife. Dreaming of old buttons nailed to new clothes is a symbol of doom, meaning a bleak future. Hurry up and plan well, and you will find a way out.