Dreaming of a teacher's home visit indicates that you will get good results in the exam .

Dreaming of a teacher’s home visit indicates that you have bad luck in interpersonal relationships, and you are likely to be impulsive in the near future and have disputes with others. You must exercise more control over your own words and actions, and refrain from violent tempers.

A man dreams of his mentor, everything will go well.

Dreaming of your son's teacher coming to your home implies that you can easily waste your life in trivial matters. And you may come to your door if you have troubles that need your help.

Dreaming of home visits by the head teacher implies that your interpersonal relationship will be a bad omen.

Dreaming of the teacher's home visit and scolding indicates that the family is harmonious and the financial aspect is also improved.

To dream of a teacher's home visit and praise means that you are not ideal in your academic career and will be criticized by your superiors.