To dream of a fisherman means that although you are still not sure, the time for your prosperity is approaching.

Dreaming of fishing indicates that you are living well, because fishing is a waiting process, so fishing in your dream also indicates that you are looking for.

The young man dreams of fishing, you are looking for the other half.

A businessman dreams of fishing, you are looking for opportunities and collaborators.

If you didn’t catch it for a long time while fishing, or you bite the bait and ran away, it means you are worried about things, but don’t mind. Many things are not 100% sure. Try hard. Fishing is a process. Others Too.

Dreaming of fishing, on the one hand, indicates that there will be a chance to get fame, status, and wealth, but it also has to wait patiently and torment. In addition, unmarried young men and women may also indicate that you are looking for and pursuing love.

Dreaming that someone else is fishing, although you still don't know it well, the time for your prosperity is approaching, which indicates that you will make a fortune if you put a long line to catch a big fish .

A married woman dreams of fishing may also symbolize pregnancy .

If there is no movement during fishing for a long time or no fish was caught in the end, and the fish bit the bait and ran away, it implies that you are a little worried about current events or plans.

A business person dreams of others fishing means that your wealth is ups and downs.

A single person dreams of others fishing, your relationship will have some resistance.

The unmarried person dreams that someone else is fishing, which implies that the dreamer may be looking for the other half or pursuing improvement.

A businessman dreams of others fishing indicates that the dreamer is looking for opportunities or partners in order to maximize benefits.

Dreaming of friends fishing, work motivating, can be expected to perform in learning new knowledge and professional performance, you can win a lot of praise, participate in some professional groups or organize professional alliances, it will be very helpful for you to expand your career.