Dreaming about catching a big fish , in Zhou Gongjie dreams , willing to dream about catching a big fish means that you can get reputation, status and wealth, but it requires good effort and patience, which is a good symbol.

  Dreaming of others catching big fish, there may have been a chance for you to fly up to Huang Da. You didn't grasp it and let the people next to you.

  Dreaming about a friend catching a big fish, the relationship between you and your friend may be deepened due to some recent cooperation and become a real dead party.

  Dreaming of the enemy catching a big fish indicates that your recent life is too tense, you may have hatred for everything, or you may not look good to others, and you need to adjust your mindset.

  Unmarried men and women dreaming of catching a big fish is a hint that you are looking for the other half of you and are more eager to get love.

  Married women dream of catching big fish, which is likely a sign of pregnancy .

  Patients dream of catching big fish, which may lead to aggravation of their illness and bedridden.

  A businessman dreaming of catching a big fish may indicate that you will get a great business opportunity and reach some kind of cooperation with people, which will bring huge wealth.