Dreaming of many people eating , this dream foreshadows a dreamer's mentality, which not only hopes to meet the requirements of all aspects, but also feels powerless and has the idea of ​​escape.

  Dreaming of the banquet held by the attendees is a sign of good luck.

  Dreaming of having dinner with family at home, money luck rose. Expect increasing income, more than enough in your pocket. Remind the dreamer to pay attention not to use the impulse to buy something useless.

  Dreaming of eating with friends, the red light on health, it is likely to break the body and lie on the sick tin, be especially careful of overwork, overeating, etc .;

  Dreaming of eating with others suggests that family members or neighbors, co-workers, and friends may be involved in marriage.

  Dreaming of eating with your lover, maybe you are gradually alienating, and love is dying. Maybe both sides have clearly seen each other's shortcomings, but maybe the other side's shortcomings are becoming more and more intolerable and make you feel disgusted. If you want to continue to cultivate love, the most important thing is your tolerance.

  Dreaming that you and your family or friends are sitting around eating together, but the atmosphere is silent and indifferent.

  Dreamed of eating with several people, but some of them did not eat, suggesting that some of them would suffer disaster or even die.