Hair represents troubles. Buddhists call hair troubles, and countless troubles. Dreams usually associated with haircuts are interpreted as diminishing and disappearing anxiety, that is, the mind becomes clear and rational.

  Dreaming of cutting someone's hair may be that someone is in trouble because of something and has not found a solution for the time being. You hope that you can help them solve the problems they have encountered and make their minds smart and clear. It may also be the difficulties you encounter, which are displayed in the form of others.

  Dreaming of cutting hair,To suffer.

  Dreaming of cutting the hair of the old man is Xiangrui, who will get a large legacy.

  The hairdresser dreams of cutting his hair, and his income will increase.

  Dreaming of cutting the hair of the enemy, the enemy will create disaster for himself.

  Businessmen dream of cutting their hair to make a profit.