To dream of grooming a horse indicates that you will use your wisdom and hardworking hands to overcome many difficulties before your wish is fulfilled. Freshen up if you succeed. You will reach the top of your ideals, no matter what you want.

Dreaming of riding a horse will soon lead to fame and fortune.

Dreaming of falling off the back of the ride is a sign of demotion.

To dream of a horse with a full body will give you plenty of food and clothing.

Dreaming that the horse and the foal are coming towards you, you can make a fortune.

Dreaming that an unrided horse will follow closely behind you will soon be awarded an honorary title.

Dreaming of riding a horse, bad luck is coming.

Dreaming of buying a horse means that you will get married and start a family soon .

Dreaming of training horses means being appointed by the state to hold a special position.

Dreaming that there are many horses will make you a millionaire.

I dreamed of feeding water to horses, and my job was low.