Dreaming of a pickpocket indicates that an enemy's premeditated plan to harass you will succeed and bring you certain losses.

A young woman dreamed that a pickpocket had stolen her own money, indicating that she would become an object of envy and hatred. After the dream, she should not point fingers at others because the heart is sinister, or she will lose the care of a friend.

Dreaming of stealing other people's money indicates that your undecent behavior will make your friends dissatisfied.

Dreaming of a thief indicates that you have been emotionally unstable recently and your wealth has fluctuated. But the businessman dreamed of a thief, indicating that business is going up

To dream of becoming a thief indicates that you will have fortune and unexpected gains in money.

To dream of finding a thief stealing something means that you may be making a plan step by step and approaching a certain goal. In addition, dreaming of a thief may also indicate that you have improper sexual behavior.

Dreaming that you are walking with a thief indicates that you will be rich.

Dreaming that you are a thief and being chased by the police indicates that your career will be in trouble and your social relationships will also be deadlocked.

To dream of you chasing or catching a thief means that you will eventually win the respect of your opponent in the contest.

Dreaming that someone you know has become a thief means that you subconsciously don't trust that person, although you may not often do this in your life.

Dreaming of a thief breaking into your own house reminds you that you must be cautious in the near future, and there may be misfortunes in your home.

Dreaming of a thief entering the room to peep and look around the room indicates that you are very curious about sex and have a desire for voyeurism.

If the thief does not find you and leaves, it means that you have had a secret sexual relationship that no one knows. If the thief finds you and attacks you, it implies that you have a strong desire recently.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book :

See the bandits, the main business is prosperous. Dreamsmeaning Book

Participate in theft, the master has good luck. Dreamsmeaning Book

Home was stolen and divorced from husband. Dreamsmeaning Book

People were stolen and quarreled with friends. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream Thief enters the market. Dreaming to drive the thief out of the market will be auspicious, but not to be fierce; while a dream thief will drive into the market, but not to be auspicious, but fierce. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream thieves room. Those who leave the dream room, Xiaoji; those who do not leave the room, the main family business is wasted. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Seeing a thief in your dream can be understood as you are afraid of possible loss. This does not necessarily involve material things, but may also refer to love or emotional matters.

Psychoanalysis: If there is a thief in the dream, which reflects certain elements of your personality, it will cause you to be busy for no reason and waste a lot of time and energy. You will be peeked into parts of your life.

Spiritual symbol: From the perspective of psychiatry, seeing a thief in a dream signifies the disrespect of faith in one's own personality.