Dreaming about haircut means that something unfortunate will happen to someone in the family.

Dreaming of cutting your hair with scissors indicates that you will part with your loved ones, and that someone in your family will encounter misfortunes and disasters; it may also indicate that you want to get rid of troubles and cut off love.

But if I dream of sending the cut head to others. It indicates that you will usher in love and happiness.

Dreaming of having a haircut during the day can make you rich.

To dream of giving someone a haircut is a loss.

The patient dreamed of getting a haircut during the day, and soon the body would recover, but dreaming of having a haircut at night, there will be unfortunate news.

The businessman dreamed that he was getting a haircut and could make a lot of money.

A businessman dreams of giving someone a haircut, the business will be profitable.

The staff dreamed that they were having a haircut, which would raise their wages.

The boatman and crew dreamed of having a haircut, and soon they will make outstanding contributions to their jobs.

To dream of giving your enemy a haircut, the enemy will create disaster for yourself.

The hairdresser dreams of giving someone a haircut, his income will increase.

Dreaming about cutting your hair implies that there will be problems in your home recently, there may be disasters, or family members are ill, or your relationship with your family has deteriorated.

A woman dreams of losing or cutting her hair indicates that it may be a sign of widowhood.

Dreaming of going to cut your hair means that you have financial problems, unexpected expenses and friends who borrowed money and not repaying it, which makes you annoyed.

A pregnant woman dreams of cutting her hair is a good dream in the Dreamsmeaning Book , indicating that the childbirth will go smoothly and more girls will be born .

A pregnant woman dreams of cutting someone else’s hair, she should pay more attention to the people or things around her, and pay more attention to the health of the baby.

It is also a good dream for a pregnant woman to dream of someone cutting her hair. It indicates that the relatives or friends around you will have good luck.

A pregnant woman dreams that her hair is cut short, which implies that the pregnant woman is worried that her relationship with her husband will become bad during pregnancy .

A pregnant woman dreams of dyeing her hair is a bad dream. There is a saying that this implies that pregnant women are more worried and troubled recently, and hope to be released in dreams. Therefore, pregnant women who have this dream should relax more.