In your life, the big and small choices you have made or are about to decide are probably no fewer than the stars in the sky. However, maybe not every time you can make the right choice quickly and decisively, just like buying something , you may spend a lot of money, but you can buy back the middle-aged nose ring of the triumphant singer who has been outdated for a long time.

Buying things in a dream basically reflects this kind of theme about "choices," or to measure the pros and cons of different choices. You may dream that you are going shopping happily, but finally you find that you have no money to pay, no credit card, and no friends to borrow; or you feel sad that you spend a lot of money but buy cheap goods; you not only forget yourself in a large shopping mall What to buy, and lost my way....

These may all remind you of, in real life, do you really have the ability to "choose" what you want? Are you paying an excessive price for a certain thing, or in many cases? Among the possibilities, you have forgotten what you really wanted to get? When you dreamed that you were shopping, don’t forget to pay attention to the background in your dreams; between the night market stalls and the imported counters, it’s not just The difference in the amount of money; in terms of mentality, there is even a faint desire to satisfy vanity. It may be sad, but when we deal with all kinds of choices, we are really just like shopping.

Dreaming of shopping , there will be little things that make you happy.

Dreaming of buying crafts means that you will have good luck in the opposite sex.

Single men and women dream about buying handicrafts, and they will quickly find the right person.

Dreaming of buying perfume will be loved by people.

Dreaming of buying paintings will bring sorrow and pain.