Dreaming that someone else is writing an article indicates that there are many things in your life and makes you worry inside.

A woman dreams of writing means that her reputation is rising.

Dreaming that your wife is writing indicates that the husband and wife will be separated for a period of time.

Case analysis of dreaming about writing

Dream description: Since I was young, my only emotion that has not changed is writing. Every time I read my own articles, I feel a sense of relief. Therefore, I often dream that I am writing. In the quiet cabin, I melted all the emotions into paper and ink. (Female, 25 years old)

Dream analysis: The writing in the dream is a symbol of reputation and realization. The writing scene appears in the dream, indicating that you have to express your inner thoughts. Dreaming that you are writing indicates that you will gain a higher reputation. Dreaming that others are writing indicates that your plan will be realized.