The dreamer is sure to carry a travel bag in the dream, then it may represent "heavy" feelings, such as anger and jealousy, or the funds he raised.

  For those who believe in rebirth, his travel bag contains the burden of karma brought by the previous birth. However, the travel bag may also contain the talents and skills that the dreamer needs to better grasp the path of life

  I dreamed of travelling bags and wanted to travel abroad.

  Dreaming of carrying a travel bag, you will succumb to stress.

  Dreaming of a lost travel bag, you will encounter an unexpected disaster during your trip.

  The elderly dreamed that carrying a travel bag was a precursor to returning to the West.

  Traveling will meet many people, symbolizing your reputation in the eyes of everyone. Tourism is to allow yourself to meet different people in different places, which means that you will no longer stick to your own views, and be tolerant of others, and will be successful.

  Dreaming of traveling alone will be respected by everyone and will be very happy in old age;

  Dreaming of traveling with his wife, marriage will be happy and happy;

  Dreaming of going on a trip with friends means that you can help your friends achieve success, and friends can go for you;

  Dreaming of traveling with lovers means that the two parties can communicate well, be tolerant of each other, and form a deep tacit understanding. It won't take long for them to get married.

  The businessman dreams that he will travel, which means that the development of the business will make a fortune;

  The patient dreams of traveling alone, and his condition may worsen;

  Male seniors dream of going to travel and may get seriously ill;

  Dreaming of talking with tourists, there will be good news;

  Dreaming about making friends with tourists, reminding dreamers to pay attention to recent friends, and don't associate with people with bad behavior.