Dreaming that you are becoming poor, this dream is to remind you that some unexpected things may happen recently, or some villain will plot you, pay attention to recent friends, and also speak quietly and prudently when you are living.

  Dreaming that you are becoming poor, this dream also has the moral meaning that you are not willing to be in the present situation of life. The "becoming poor" in your dreams is also a symbol of spiritual poverty. You are not worried about becoming really poor, but you are worried about the emptiness and loneliness of your inner world. You want to change the current situation; On the contrary, this is a good dream. "Dream of yourself becoming poor" represents inspiration. After your hard work, you can rise to a higher level in life and spirit and become richer.

  The woman dreams that her husband is very poor, and her husband's work and career will have great development, or unexpected money suddenly comes;

  The businessman dreamed that he was very poor and that his business would soon be prosperous and able to make a fortune;

  The young woman dreamed that she would marry a very poor man and would marry a strong man with a wealthy family as his wife;

  The young man dreamed that he had married a poor woman as a wife.

  Dreaming of making friends with the poor, this kind of dream is not good, indicating that you are willing to fall, and you ca n’t get help from your friends when you are in danger;

  Dreaming of being the enemy of the poor shows that he will fight for poverty and eventually win and be able to make a fortune.