Dreaming of someone sending a mirror will be good luck and lasting.

  Unmarried men dream of having someone else send a mirror and have poor luck.

  Women dream of having someone else's mirror, indicating that they will have noble children.

  I dreamed of looking in the mirror, indicating that there would be news from afar. As for the evil, it depends on the image in the mirror. If the image in the mirror is normal, clear and bright, this is a good sign. If the image in the mirror is blurry and ugly, it indicates a vicious sign. If there is someone else's image in the mirror, it means that your lover is in trouble.

  Dreaming of looking in the mirror, if this mirror is bright, it means that everything will go well. And if this mirror is blurry and foggy, it suggests that disaster or unlucky things may come.

  Dreaming that the mirror in his hand fell to the ground and shattered, indicating that the calamity was imminent.

  Dreaming of looking at his own head with a mirror indicated that it was Xiangrui and was about to be promoted.

  Dreaming of the shadow reflected in the mirror, men dreaming of the shadow reflected in the mirror, will be healthy, Shoubi Nanshan. The girl dreamed of the shadow in the mirror and could find a happy husband.

  Dreamed of getting a mirror, indicating that his condition would worsen.

  Dreaming of a broken mirror is a bad sign that you will be separated from those closest to you, or it may be separated from your wife (husband).

  Dreaming of how she looks in the mirror, a married woman dreaming of her looks in the mirror will love her husband more.

  Dream of Mirror, Barber division dream of mirrors, the business will be profitable. A married woman dreams of a mirror, and her husband will fall in love with another woman .