Dreaming that a friend is dead will make him healthier.

  Dreaming of a sick friend dying, his body will soon recover.

  Dream of a friend falling to death, the relationship between friends will become better.

  Death is a peaceful, stable state, a very auspicious sign.

  Dreaming of others or dying on their own, Zhao Zengshou.

  Dreaming about the death of someone you know means that the person is losing energy and becoming dead;

  Dreaming of his death means that the property will be more and more, all good luck.

  Dream of a living friend dying, then you will have good fortune.

  If you dream of the death of your friends and relatives, it means that your friends and relatives who died in your dreams will live a long and healthy life.

  Dreaming of a friend's death, because death in a dream represents rebirth, so dreaming of a friend's death means that you will make new friends recently.

  Dreaming that a sick friend is dead means that the sick friend is about to recover.

  Dreaming of a friend falling to death means that the relationship between friends will become better.

  Dreaming of my friend's death, the friend's health will be healthier.

  Dreaming of a friend's illness and death means that his friend will live longer.

  Dreaming of your friend's suicide means that your recent life is very depressed and there is a lot of pressure in your career. This dream reminds you to change your lifestyle.

  Dreaming that your friend was killed by you means that your relationship will be better.

  Dreaming that your girlfriend is dead, this dream shows that you love your girlfriend very much, it is the kind of love from the heart ~ or it is because you care about her too much, or there are some places in her that make you uneasy and relax you I feel more concerned about myself.

  Dreaming that his best friend is dead, this represents his "worry" and "missing" mentality. If a good friend hasn't been in contact for a long time, this represents his "missing" mentality. Maybe call him now. If the good friend around you died, it represents your “worry” mentality. Perhaps some of your friends ’recent experience has encountered great difficulties, and the death in your dreams also means rebirth. After this difficult period, There will be freshmen, which means that friends' lives and careers will be taken to a higher level.

  Dreaming that his best friend is dead. According to many elderly people, dreaming that someone is dying is that person who wants to live longer, don't worry.

  Dreaming that your boyfriend is dead suggests that you are very afraid of losing. Because you care too much about your boyfriend, your boyfriend occupies most of your thoughts. This will cause you to unconsciously care about your boyfriend. The expression of care is thoughts, and the expression of thoughts is worry. This is because it is worry. The nerves are dumb, so you dream about the death of your boyfriend.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  The death of relatives and friends will extend their lives. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"