The woman dreamed of talking with the monk, and her husband's family could live in harmony and have a happy life.

  The girl dreamed that the quarrel with the female monk was a bad omen and her relatives would be humiliated.

  A man dreaming of a female monk is a big omen, saying that there will be countless disasters, and there may be problems in career, wealth, health, and emotions.

  The woman dreamed of the female monk, saying that there would be quarrels with the family, there might be family disputes, and the family would be very sad.

  Businessmen dream of female monks, indicating that your business will have problems, and it may take a lot of money to make up for this error, which will affect the business.

  The patient dreamed of a female monk, indicating that your condition may be more complicated, and ordinary treatments will have no effect and need to be strengthened.

  The staff dreamed of a female monk, saying that you may be unpopular in the company, and you often fail to do things. There is no development prospect and room for improvement. It is recommended to change careers.

  Dreaming about dating with a female monk, she said that she would lose a lot of money in certain things, which might embarrass her life.

  Dreaming of a female monk reading a sutra, she said that her recent mood is very upset, and you need some proper entertainment to improve your current mood.

  The man dreamed of the nun foretold disaster.

  The woman dreamed that talking to a monk or nun was a sign of family harmony, a good relationship with her mother-in-law and a happy life.

  Women dreaming of quarrels with nuns may signal difficulties or bullying in their families, or damage to their reputation.

  Dreaming that monks and nuns are chanting is a hint that you are distressed, but if you still adhere to the traditional old concepts, you will suffer greater spiritual suffering.

  Dreaming of becoming a monk means seeing through the dust, which means that insight into things on earth is a kind of wisdom.

  Dreaming of paintings by family members means that life is rich and easy.

  When a woman dreams of becoming a monk, she means that she can become a husband's helper and help her husband's career development, not only richer, but also longer-term.