To dream of getting married depends on the marriage scene in the dream and the mood of the dreamer. Whether or not the dreamer gets married in reality, it will reflect one’s attitude towards marriage, love, and life. This is a typical miniature dream in my heart.

Dreaming that you have many possibilities to get married . Background and current situation are the key to dream interpretation: it represents the desire for a happy marriage, or the desire for a happy life forever.

Dreaming that I am married to someone else indicates that in reality I may be a little confused about feelings, I am looking forward to getting married, but I am afraid that I will not accept the various problems that I will face after marriage. In fact, the dreamer is I’m worried. In fact, many people have said that getting married means stepping into the grave of life. If that’s the case, why do you still have to get married? Because there are still many people who are very happy after marriage, and marriage means a new life. The beginning of life, the beginning of happiness, but there is a premise that two people can understand and trust each other, and they can really share adversity. (by Dreamsmeaning Book official website )

Dreaming that they were not married, and that unmarried men and women dreamed that they were not married, it means that in reality, they may have some confusion about feelings, and they are looking forward to getting married, but they are afraid of the various problems they will face after marriage. , I couldn't accept it all at once.

To dream of someone you want but marry someone else means that you have a high possibility of dying from the target. Not only the object, but you may also be in danger as you dream. The dream of having a partner but having someone else act as your husband or wife is a dream to inform your partner of deviant behavior. Your partner whispers to an unfamiliar opposite sex. Listening carefully to the unpleasant dream that turns out to be talking about yourself suggests that your partner already has a lover.

When a woman dreams of getting married, it means that she is restrained and loses some kind of freedom.

When a man dreams of getting married, he should pay attention to his health, which implies that you may get sick or even die.

A married woman dreams of getting married with an old man indicates that she will get more opportunities to make money.

A married man dreams of getting married indicates that the dreamer feels that his life after marriage is not as good as what he expected before marriage, and that he is somewhat dissatisfied with the current situation deep in his heart.

To dream of getting married to an old man or woman usually means that you will get a gift from an inheritance. If it is a young unmarried woman who has such a dream, it may also indicate that there will be noble people to help in life.

The student dreamed of marrying an old man, reminding you to cherish your school days.

To dream of getting married with an ex-boyfriend also means that there are conflicts between the husband and wife because of some trivial things, and that they are emotionally dissatisfied and complain. 

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream of welcoming marriage every rain, good luck. The host and his wife are standing together, the brothers are supporting each other, which is a good sign. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream hired, Kyrgyzstan. If the employer wants to recruit, he must first be respectful. There are ministers, friends, and teachers. Marriage is the key to family management, the foundation of Dalun, and what Hengren sees and knows. But knowing that there is a marriage is seen in a dream, and the experience is different. Anyone who dreams of this is a sign of good fortune. Those who dream of words but also have righteousness and love. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream line hire. The main property and the image of people. The widows, widows and poor dreams of good luck. If you dream of hiring a wife for a husband, and dreaming of hiring a sire for a wife, you will be fierce. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream marriage is called He, Kyrgyzstan. The Lord has a good cause. Officials are a sign of promotion to the ranks and the lucrative, while the common people will meet new acquaintances. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

To dream that you are getting married. Getting married is a major event in life. It means that you will shoulder the responsibilities of your family. It is a symbol of a sense of responsibility and mission. In addition, getting married also means growing up to maturity. It is a transformation of a stage in your life. The human growth river has far-reaching and extraordinary significance. Dreaming that you are married is usually a psychological mapping and epitome of marriage, love and family in reality, or it is out of deep thinking about life and love. In fact, it also depends on the marriage scene in the dream, unmarried. People dream of this may be their expectation of marriage, or they may not want to get married for the time being. An ambivalence, so dreaming that they are married is normal. This is the strongest cry of people’s deep desire for a perfect love. . Sometimes the person you marry will be a stranger or unfavorable object. It doesn't matter. As long as the wedding is generally pleasant to the dreamer, it can represent your rising love fortune. Dreaming of a wedding indicates that a wedding is a ritual of marriage, and it is the most sacred, most beautiful, and most exciting moment in life. The wedding in the dream is a symbol of a pleasant and short experience.

Case analysis of dreaming about getting married

【Dream Case 1】

Dream description: Dreaming that you are afraid of getting married? Unmarried people dream that they are married, but they keep crying and don't want to get married. They are as fearful as being dragged out to be tortured, indicating that the dreamer has recently encountered troubles and concerns about marriage. There are a lot of questions to think about. I am really afraid of getting married. I am not very sure about the other party. I always feel that marriage cannot be easily concluded. In fact, it is mainly because of the relatively high pressure in reality and the high divorce rate of the post-80s generation. In fact, no matter what era comes, marriage is always a sacred, solemn, and clean ceremony. Everyone has to go through it. It's just a matter of how soon or later, because in this world there is always someone waiting for himself, only for a temporary fate. Before arriving, no matter when, no matter where, there is always such a person anyway.

Dream analysis: the everlasting love is in my heart, just like many people often ask whether there is true love in the world, in fact, true love is in my heart, as long as you truly give, persistent pursuit, and brave sacrifice, true love will be there. If it happens to oneself, the everlasting love will come. We all know that love is a kind of selfless sacrifice and sacrifice. The reward of love is the eternal happiness and happiness of the other party. If you love each other deeply, then you will be happy because of the other party. And happiness, because the other person is happy and happy; whether it is in the love before marriage or the ordinary life after marriage, as long as you really love each other, as long as you work hard for the happy life of two people, then the lasting love will be Coming, in fact, is not that I have the lasting love, but that I have created the lasting love. We must believe: "As long as there is love, happiness will definitely exist."

[Dream Case 2]

Dream description: Dreaming about someone you want but marrying someone else?

Dream analysis: The possibility of death from the object is very high. Not only the object, but you may also be in danger as you dream. The dream of having a partner but having someone else act as your husband or wife is a dream to inform your partner of deviant behavior. Your partner whispers to an unfamiliar opposite sex. Listening carefully to the unpleasant dream that turns out to be talking about yourself suggests that your partner already has a lover.