Dreaming of looking for a dormitory, money is rising. Expect income to continue to increase, more than enough in your pocket. However, be careful not to buy something useless with a urge.

  Working people dream of finding a dormitory, indicating that they may need to rest recently because the following is too busy.

  If the patient dreams of finding a dormitory, you have been burdened recently, too high in ideals, too weak, but frustrated. You should do what you can, and turn it into danger. Beware of clerical errors and floods .

  Dreaming of the dormitory, predicting that what you are doing will make a mess, it can also be said to move to another place.

  Dreaming of yourself in a beautifully decorated dormitory means suddenly there is wealth coming. It may be you who seize the opportunity, or it may be a gift from a loved one.

  The young woman dreamed of the dormitory, saying that a rich stranger would propose to her and establish a warm family.