Dreaming that your hands and feet are weak and weak indicates that you are not going well at work and are upset. You should refresh yourself and increase your self-confidence first, and you will naturally find new ways.

Dreaming of weakness in the hands and feet implies that you should pay special attention to your health or bear the pain, but it is usually a good sign.

Dreaming of weakness in the hands and feet indicates good health and good life.

To dream of weakness in hands and feet implies that you may lose the help of your friends.

Dreaming of weak hands and feet indicates that the enemy is strong and you will be defeated by the enemy.

The student dreamed of weakness in his hands and feet, suggesting that he urged the student to hurry up to study, otherwise his grades would decline.

Dreaming that your hands are weak and yellow indicates that this is a sign of illness.

To dream of breaking one of your hands indicates that it is a sign of pain and damage.

To dream of someone else’s hand being cut off means that you can lead the masses and achieve superiority. If you dream of your hand being chopped, it means that you will have a strong opponent to compete with you.

To dream of having your hands cut off means that you will definitely get help from God.

Dreaming of swollen hands means that relatives and friends will benefit from strangers.

Dreaming that your hand is broken indicates that you may lose your most precious things in the near future. It may be that you will lose your ability to work and lose your job. The other half is also called holding hands, so it also implies that you may lose the other half.

Case analysis of dreaming of weakness in hands and feet

Dream description: I dreamt of a very famous baseball player, but he is playing on the field, but his football skills are very poor. I also play on the court, but I seem to be weak and unable to play well. The kick was weak and slow. Later, I played basketball again. I was still weak, especially my arms. I felt tired. No matter how high I jumped, I couldn't shoot the ball far.

Dream analysis: dreaming of your weakness in your hands and feet means that your opponent is very strong, or the difficulty in front of you is very difficult, which makes you feel powerless. You deeply feel that your strength is weak, so it is reflected in the dream.