The dream became bigger, and it was a sign of getting a hint.

  Dreaming of washing your hair indicates that all sorrow will pass.

  Dreaming of holding your head in both hands, there will be good news.

  Dreaming of a child's head, indicating that the dreamer pursues a happy future life;

  Dreaming of a bleeding head means that the dreamer has something unsuccessful, and self-effort will be thrown away;

  Dreaming of headache or head injury means that the dreamer is disturbing the mind;

  Dreaming that the head swelled several times, indicating that the dreamer has more adversity than adversity in life;

  I dreamed that I had two heads, indicating that the dreamer would rise rapidly, but this state was unstable;

  Dreaming that his head was separated from his body, and his head was different, indicating that he was confused and overwhelmed by the problem that the dreamer had been thinking about, and wanted to abandon and escape;

  Dreaming of separating the body and leaving only the head, and the head looks slender, indicating that his head is only the thing with only sexual impulses but no thinking, suggesting that the dreamer only cares about sex and has no achievements in other things;

  Dreaming of seeing your head in the mirror means that the dreamer will be promoted;

  Dreaming of someone wielding a sword to chop their own head means that the dreamer's own sorrow will cause dissatisfaction of others, and he and his family should pay attention to words and actions;

  Dreaming of holding his head with both hands indicates that the dreamer is holding sorrow in his hands, and everything is in his grasp.

  Dreaming that your head is big is a precursor to ascension. It may also be an increase in sorrow, but this does not indicate additional sorrow like the hair, but it means your own duty. In other words, there will be more annoyances in your own share, which is usually seen as a precursor to ascension. Seeing your own head in the mirror also means promotion, but it is because you have the courage to face your own problems and have enough courage to take responsibility for your duties, so you will be appreciated by the superior.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Meng Ding cranial light, Ji. This dream writer is expensive, ordinary people are disadvantaged, and the patient is ominous. Older masters have old luck. Mysterious Dreams

  Meng skull door did not move, the brain flowed like rain, great luck. Sign of great nobility, the image of Jin Chan. Mysterious Dreams

  Mengkuanmen opened compound, Daji. Everything is good, poverty is lonely, and the contract is good. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream split the skull gate medicine, Daji. All diseases are signs, and those who are worried are happy. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream broke the craniofacial brain, fierce. Dream of this person's ancestors scattered, not a life sign. If a combatant dreams of this, change evil and do good. Mysterious Dreams