Dreaming of the medical examination indicates that I am very worried about my physical condition, and then I dream of going to the medical examination. In addition, it also means that I feel that I have a problem, and it is not necessarily a health issue, but may also have problems in other aspects.

  The elderly dreamed of a physical examination, indicating that the dreamer's body would be very healthy and able to live a long life. This is because of the benefits that are usually paid attention to the maintenance of the body.

  Businessmen dream of medical examinations, and they should always be careful about their capital flow, because some villains are trying to get your property.

  The students dreamed of a physical examination, indicating that the dreamer was not satisfied with their academic performance, and they were very afraid that the elders would ask about their achievements and tried to avoid them.

  The patient dreamed of a physical examination, indicating that the dreamer's condition is not optimistic, and may require long-term treatment to hope for healing, so be prepared mentally.

  Men dreaming of physical examinations indicate that dreamers are very confused about their career development, do not know where they are going, and are in a confused state of life.

  A woman dreaming of a physical examination indicates that the dreamer attaches great importance to her physical beauty, thinking that beauty is everything to herself, and does not want anything imperfect.

  Dream case analysis of physical examination

  Dream description: I had two dreams about examining my body last night. First, I dreamed of a person who looked like my second cousin and a doctor (my second cousin was not a doctor). He gave me a pulse and it turned out that my lungs were rotten. The chest side was done to check for increased lung texture. The doctor said it was caused by pulmonary inflammation.) He prescribed me some medicines, but said that these medicines might not be useful. Secondly, I dreamed of doing ultrasound at the hospital, as if the ultrasound machine was broken, and the doctor who helped me check it was a bit painful. But in the end it was checked, saying there were no problems. There are some details here, but I can't remember. I asked him if the B-ultrasound revealed a stomach problem, and he said it was undetectable. Then a doctor told me to do a gastroscopy. I said I heard that it was painful to do a gastroscopy. Can I switch to a CT? He said that the CT did not detect the disease. So I went to a small open-air house to do a gastroscope. There was a very young child in the cubicle who seemed to be a doctor and a female doctor. Looks like my cousin accompanied me to check. I said that a smaller probe could be used? The female doctor said that the smaller probe is not clean and may be stained with other people's feces. So she reached into my mouth with a larger probe (it seems that the probe is smaller than normal). I said that gastroscopy is painful, can I not do it? The child said he had done it, it doesn't matter. But before the gastroscope started to do, I woke up. Why do I have these two dreams? I heard that from the dreams I can see a person's recent mental state, and at the same time it can indicate what kind of illness a person has. What kind of mental state do I express when I dream of these two dreams, or do I foretell some diseases in my body?

  Analysis of dreams: Dreaming of a physical examination is to remind you to pay attention to your body, especially if the results of your examination in the doctor say that there is a problem with the lungs. Dreaming of lung disease also reminds you to pay attention to your physical health. The second dream is to check for stomach problems. This dream reflects that you are currently depressed. There are some things that prevent you from spitting up. These two dreams are your body reminding you to pay attention to your feelings and express your emotions.