The bridge connects the two sides of the strait, which means success. Crossing the bridge symbolizes success through hard work.

If you dream of seeing a bridge, it means that the dreamer can succeed after hard work, and don’t give up halfway. If the dream (Dream meaning Book ) falls off the bridge when it sees the bridge, it means the dreamer’s Everything will fail; if a scholar dreams of seeing a bridge, it indicates that he can achieve higher achievements in his official career.

To dream of crossing a bridge with someone is very good. The jokes made inadvertently are just right for everyone's appetite, and your popularity will be greatly improved.

Dreaming that you are looking down on the bridge means that you have bad luck in making friends, and you will encounter many unsatisfactory things, such as quarreling with friends, or arguing with your lover, which may lead to a loss of love.

To dream of walking on the iron bridge indicates that there will be good rest activities. The leisure activities you plan to travel must be sunny and healthy.

To dream of walking on the railing of the bridge indicates that the gift is coming. All the radio and tape recorders you dream of, the records you love to listen to, etc., will all be available, and your life will be very happy.

To dream of walking on a bridge indicates that you may have been in a traffic accident recently. When crossing the road or riding a bicycle, beware of the passing vehicles. It is best not to ride a bicycle in the near future.

Dreaming of yourself walking on a suspension bridge means that you will decide to do something adventurous, and because of your meticulous design and careful plan, you have actually completed an adventure that others don't like.