Dreaming of people laughing, unfortunate news comes.

When a woman dreams of laughing, she will become a noisy woman.

To dream of talking and laughing happily with your parents will cause disturbances in your home. I will feel bored with my parents and run away from home.

A case study of scenes and scenes of dreaming of laughter

Dream description: I have been away from school for several years. I am busy with my career. I always want to go back to school and have no time. In my dream, I returned to my alma mater. The campus was full of reading. At this time, the children from the kindergarten attached to the primary school came to the campus to play, full of laughter along the way. In my dream, I feel that the campus is both peaceful and kind. (Female, 29 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of laughter is a symbol of happiness and health. Dreaming of laughing with your lover indicates that love will be deeper and sincere. Dreaming of laughing with your lover indicates that the family will be happier. Dreaming of laughing with your child means family happiness, health and happiness.

If you dream of a smile, it represents the friendship between friends.

To dream of laughing is a dream that expresses the opposite meaning.