Dreaming of a horse seller indicates that your current investment may be extremely risky, but it may also bring you huge profits, reminding you to consider carefully.

Dreaming that you are a horse dealer, you were deceived when buying a horse, and you bought a bad horse, which may imply that you have made mistakes in work or love.

If you dream of buying a good horse at a low price, it indicates that your property will increase in value or your business will be profitable.

Dreaming of a horse running towards you symbolizes the success of your career.

Dreaming of riding a horse means that you will gain both fame and fortune.

Dreaming of falling from a horse means that you will be ruined.

To dream of a horse following behind you indicates that you will get more honorary titles.

The unmarried dream of buying a horse means that you will meet your favorite lover soon.

To dream of a horse training means that you are about to hold a special position.

Dreaming of hitting horses or horses dying indicates that your work is not going well, and the worst may be that you will be fired soon.

To dream of a horse leaving yourself means that you squander the wealth left by your ancestors.

Dreaming of a horse draped all over implies that you will have plenty of food and clothing.

To dream of a horse and a pony walking towards you indicates that you are going to make a fortune.

Dreaming that an unrided horse will be behind you, implies that you will be awarded an honorary title soon.

Dreaming of riding upside down indicates that something bad is coming for you.

Dreaming that there are many horses means that you will become a millionaire.

Dreaming of a horse-riding child indicates that you may encounter misfortune. When you experience a trough, your friends will abandon you.

The young man dreamed of riding a horse, implying that you will be married soon.

Dreaming of riding a horse when healed from a long illness indicates that your body will become strong soon.