Dreaming of being chased by someone implies that you deep down in your heart desire to erase your disgraceful past. That is to say, in this dream, the chaser and the person being chased may be yourself, and you hope to eliminate the self that you are unwilling to accept and change your face.

If in the dream you feel that the person who kills you is powerful or powerful, it implies that people desire to become stronger than before.

Dreaming of being pursued and killed , and choosing to run away , indicates that the dreamer is under a lot of pressure in reality, and still has not sorted out the thread to solve the problem. I don’t want to solve the problem. I have a passive evasive mentality, just blindly avoiding reality, so that I will be hunted down until the problem is solved;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, and choosing to fight bravely, implies that the dreamer is under the pressure of reality. For any thorny problem that arises, he has chosen to face up and dare to face it. He may have found a solution and is actively trying. Expect to be resolved as soon as possible;

To dream of being chased and to choose to pretend to be dead or to hide, in the hope of avoiding the sight of beasts or bad guys, indicates that the dreamer is temporarily helpless with the current situation and can only choose to ignore it, which symbolizes the dreamer’s presence In daily life, self-deception and blindness are often used to release some instinctive impulses and pressure, that is, to add some reasonable disguise to instinctive impulses, and various excuses are usually found, so that the self does not feel anxious, so that over time the recognition of the environment Knowing will be distorted, in fact, I am just living half-closed, living a life, implying that the dreamer's personality is generally weak;

To dream of being chased, bitten or killed, means that the dreamer can no longer withstand the pressure of reality, or can no longer find a way to solve the problem, he can only break the jar, he is already compromising, and his heart is already No fighting spirit;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, if you don’t feel fear, you don’t just think it’s fun, it shows that the dreamer’s life is too monotonous, it makes people feel boring and needs some fundamental changes;

To dream of being chased and killed, to choose by oneself, implies that the dreamer has reached a point where he is forced to be helpless in the real world, and that the dreamer completely compromises and gives up to reality in his heart;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, but wanting to run but unable to run, reflects the dreamer’s self-recognition, thinking that he has no ability to escape the pressure and pressure in life, and he has no choice but to watch the problem escalate. When it is resolved, or the dreamer wants to escape but can't run in the dream due to poor sleeping posture during sleep;

Dreaming of being chased and killed, but I am inexplicably and shook hands to make peace, reminding the dreamer to pay attention to how he and the enemy in the dream turned into jade, it is a gift of wisdom that the dream gave to himself other than the shock, perhaps in the same way, himself The confusion in reality will also be easily solved;

To dream of being chased and killed, on the contrary, I killed the chaser, indicating that the dreamer is also very conflicted and entangled in the pressure of reality, but I can find the root cause of the problem and believe that I have the ability to take the most correct Method to solve the problem;

Dreaming of being chased and resurrected from the dead means that young people need to grow up, and it is necessary to pursue a new self, so young people are more likely to dream of being killed and dying. This kind of dream has the meaning of rebirth.

Dreaming of being chased and killed implies that the dreamer may be in an interpersonal relationship, it may be that the dreamer has always had or disagree with the person who chased him, or that someone is fighting with him;

To dream of someone chasing and killing your primary school classmates indicates that your childhood, past self, has been changed by time, and this feeling and memory will also be wiped out;

Dreaming of being chased indicates that the dreamer may be fighting for property.

Case analysis of   dreaming of being chased and killed

Dream description: One thing in common in my dreams is that I will always run away. Someone is always chasing me, as if to kill me. I have been dreaming of this kind of dreams for many years. Although the stories are different, the mood is the same. I can fly in many dreams, but the enemy will always follow. He can't catch me, and I can't get rid of him, every time I wake up from a dream, I feel so tired! (Male, 44 years old)

Dream analysis: "I'm always running away" represents your usual behavior pattern in dealing with things in real life-escape. The symbolic meaning of "flying" in your dreams is also an escape. Recurring such dreams can be seen as a constant reminder from the inner world, hoping to attract your attention. The "enemy" symbolizes what you are avoiding. Therefore, you can pay attention to the "escape" mode of dealing with things in real life, and even before you are about to escape, remind yourself "better wait and escape, and see what the result will be if you persist."