Itching is a disease.

Itching makes you restless, and you want to stretch out your hands to scratch it, just like sickness makes you sleepless, patients are always anxious to see a doctor.

So in dreams, itching means disease, and dreaming about itching means getting sick.

Dreaming of treating scrapie will quickly get rid of the current predicament.

The original version of the bug was pulled out, and a long white bug was pulled out. Little bumps with bugs all over his body.

Dream analysis: According to Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams" theory, dreams represent "the realization of wishes." Among them, in the chapter "The Operation of Dreams", some symbolic images were mentioned. For example, a woman dreams of being entangled by small bugs, which generally means she wants to get pregnant ; a long white bug symbolizes the part of the male; This is Freud's statement about "sex dreams". Although everyone doubts the applicability of this statement, since your girlfriend's dreams have such characteristics, you can also euphemistically ask her. Some "realization of wishes" that does not conform to traditional concepts will be shown through cover-ups in dreams. This is the reason why some dreams are full of anxiety.