After waking up from the dream, you may feel terrified. But in fact, this may symbolize that you are a little desperate now, and you should relieve your psychological pressure. In addition, it can also mean that your personality is more perfect, the old you "must die". Moreover, if you see light there, it means that your consciousness can discover your subconscious, which is a good thing.

Dream of hell in the underworld, catastrophe is imminent.

I dreamed that I had entered the hell of the underworld, and my death was imminent.

To dream of seeing friends in the underworld, you will live a happy life with your living friends.

Dreaming of coming out of hell, you will receive good news soon.

To dream of being driven out of hell in the underworld will avoid a personal injury or death accident.

Old people dream of hell in the underworld, sometimes because of the burden of death.

When the patient dreams of hell, he will be sick and painful.

The prisoner sentenced to death dreams of hell and will soon be sentenced.

Tourists dream that they are in hell, they will encounter troubles during travel, and they cannot reach their destinations smoothly.

The businessman dreams of hell, the business he recently discussed will fail and he will lose a fortune. A married man dreams of hell, his career will be blocked.

The crew dreamed of hell and would encounter big storms at sea, but there is no danger.

The old man dreams of hell, he will be sick, and his health will go from bad to worse.

To dream of seeing friends in hell means that you and your living friends will have a happy life.

Dreaming that your friend goes to hell indicates that your friend is in trouble and needs your help.

To dream that you are crying in hell indicates that you may be in trouble. It is hard to expect a friend to help you and save you. You can only find a way to save yourself.