Dreaming of ghost possession, "ghost" is a kind of thinking ideology of human beings. After death, the wave of consciousness disappears with it. However, when people are dying frequently, a strong magnetic wave of consciousness will radiate into space. This magnetic wave carries all the information of the human body and can be recorded in the iron-nickel material particles with magnetic recording function in space. When in a special state, it will spread in the space in the form of magnetic wave radiation and affect others. This is the most scientific answer to the cause of human soul possession.

"Ghost possession" refers to the mental, physical and language effects of the deceased's subconscious microwave information radiation on others, that is to say, the possessed person's language and physical behavior are completely controlled by the deceased's information manipulation during his lifetime.

Dreaming of ghosts in the upper body indicates that you will encounter dangerous ghosts, which represents bad things and is a bad omen.

A man dreams of a ghost on his upper body indicates that there will be disasters, and he should eliminate the wealth and avoid the disaster.

A woman dreams that her upper body is going to travel far, Ji, beware of thieves on the journey

Dreaming of being on the upper body of a ghost is generally caused by incorrect sleeping posture. Don't put your hands on your heart or stomach when you sleep. If the quilt is too thick, you may oppress yourself. Relax and relax.