Dreaming of the dragon flying on the ground implies that there will be an extra income, such as doing some private work for others, and getting a reward. If you dream of a dragon flying in the sky, it indicates that you will gradually become interested in the subject that you are tired of in the past. This is a good time to improve your academic performance. Work hard, anyway, this is a good dream.

  Dreaming of flying on a dragon is a good sign, suggesting that dreamers may get lucky, help them realize their wishes, and foretell that the difficulties faced by dreamers will be solved, and they will be accompanied by prosperity and wealth around them and in their careers. There will be greater development;

  Dreamed that two dragons flew into the house or got into the house. If there is a bride or a housewife in the house, this is the dream of twins that will conceive twins in the future, indicating that the dreamers will have twins who are clever and able;

  A pregnant woman dreams of a dragon ascending to heaven, which means that the son born by the dreamer can become the eternal husband;

  Dreaming that the golden yellow dragon flies in the sky is an omen of good things, which indicates that the dreamer will achieve great achievements in the future, and has a bright future;

  Dreaming of the dragon's smooth ascension to heaven is a sign of good news. It indicates that the dreamer will be lucky in the near future, and that everything goes smoothly. He may also be appreciated and respected by everyone to realize his wish;

  Dreaming of Longtu ascension is a very good dream, indicating that the dreamer will become the leader or leader of the big group, there will be many followers, and good news will come in the near future, such as qualified, very promoted, Good news related to honor or power, such as glory, election, and victory;

  Dreaming that you have become a dragon and ascended to heaven symbolizes the advent of good luck, which indicates that the dreamer will realize his ideals, will be famous all over the world, and attract worldwide attention.