Dreaming of a corpse will be defeated.

The women dreamed of rushing to harbour foreshadowing.

The students dreamed that the score of the harbinger exam was mediocre and must continue to work hard.

The businessman dreamed of driving away the corpse, and it was a sign that the fortune was not going well for the near future.

Dreaming of an unknown body may be a dreamer's evaluation of dissatisfaction with real life, such as lack of vitality and thought, or difficulty in communicating with the outside world. Anonymous corpses may also be a symbol of a past experience, or a subdued part of the subconscious.

Dreaming about the body of the foundation, usually represents a forgotten past, but was excavated, causing fluctuations in his emotions.

Dreaming of holding the corpse is a great fortune, meaning good fortune; if the corpse smells bad, the business is more prosperous;