A prophet is a person who tells what is going to happen before things happen. They are people who say things in advance, and the prophets in their dreams represent hard work to get what they want.

Dreaming of the prophets heralds hard work.

Dreaming of the prophet pointing his own way, predicting that the pie will not fall in the sky, no matter what, they must rely on their own efforts to get.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Many people want to know what will happen, and how to deal with it. The prophecy in your dreams indicates the arrangements in your heart for your next move. Sometimes the person making the prophecy appears in the dream as a god or sage. You may also dream of using some famous divination methods.

Psychoanalysis: People always hope that they can get more information, and dream predictions can meet their requirements in this regard. Usually the content from the prophecy needs to be analyzed carefully, and sometimes you can understand the meaning even after thinking about it in the awake state.

Spiritual symbolism: At this level, the prophecy in dreams is to present hidden knowledge in front of people.