Hearing the Buddha's song in the dream indicates that you will live in seclusion for a period of time; at the same time, it will also allow you to rest yourself when you are exhausted. In order to reward your efforts, your friends have designed a pleasant trip for you. But this dream does not herald economic gains.

Dreaming of monks chanting sutras indicates that something dead may happen.

But dreaming of a monk reciting the scriptures indicates that you are about to open up the path of life and enter a new realm.

A case study of dreaming about the song of Buddha

Dream description: From three to five in the morning, I dreamt that someone sings Buddha songs outside our unit building. The sound of Buddha songs is in my ears. It is very lifelike. When the sound comes to my ears, my heart is very calm and relaxed. Later, I wanted to see who was singing the Buddha song, but after thinking about it, there was nothing to see, so I didn't go out to watch it, and then I woke up from the dream.

Dream analysis: This dream reflects that you are usually under pressure at work, and your blindness makes you lose your way. You just need someone to give pointers, let go of distracting thoughts, and purify your mind.