Dreaming of asking an astrologer to draw astrological maps for you, foretelling unexpected changes in your career, and foretelling that you might meet strangers during a long journey.

  Dreaming of fortune telling means that you are upset about something that is not good for you, and you have to be very careful to get through it. For women, it is you who have to choose one of two admirers, which makes you distressed.

  · Dreaming of a fortune teller (fortune teller), if the fortune teller in the dream has advice for you, you may wish to refer to it. And if in the dream you doubt the fortune teller, it means that fate is in your hands, so don't bother to say what others are saying.

  Dreaming that someone is horoscope for you means that in some things you seem to be successful and happy, but in the end you are only disappointed.

  Dreaming about asking God for divination means that you will get sick and be rich. In spring and summer, it means auspicious and autumn and winter are dangerous.

  Dreaming of divination means unfortunate life.

  The patient dreamed of divination, indicating that his condition would worsen.

  The businessman dreamed that divination was a sign of loss.

  Dreaming of divining someone's fate against someone, that person will get sick.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  In terms of human change, the main disease "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The dreamer divinated for himself, and a distant guest came from the Lord. "Secret Secretary"

  Dreams are fortune-telling, and the Lord will travel far. "Secret Secretary"

  Dreaming for divination, the Lord is sick, and disaster is coming. "Secret Secretary"