Civil servants dreamed of the Lord of the Spirit seat, heralding promotion.

Ordinary people dream of the Lord of the Spirit seat, indicating that they will get rich.

Dreaming that the Lord God of Foreshadows success or wealth, or represents the help of a friend.

Dreaming of holding a sword in the hand of the Lord God of the Spirit seat, foreshadows that the enemy will be destroyed.

Dreaming of the angry Lord God holding a steel fork in his hand is a sign of disaster around you.

The man dreamed that the Lord of the Spirits walked towards him, expressing that he would meet more friends.

The woman dreamed that the Lord of the Spirits walked towards her, indicating that there would be noble people to help.

New wife dreamed laugh volume sounded ancestral seat of the spirit, predict the future of the children, there will be youth, legendary.

The businessman dreamed that he and the Lord of the Spirits were together, indicating that the mall could call the wind and rain, and everything went well.

Dreaming that the Lord of the Spirits passed you by yourself, it means that you may pass by with noble people, miss the opportunity to take off your career, and even be isolated.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Menglingzuo, Mingjing, filial piety, chanting post, funeral card, god master, etc. Everyone who dreams this way will be promoted and promoted by the Lord, and the common people will gain wealth. But the laughter is ominous. Meng demolished the waste industry fiercely and burned the fire. Mysterious Dreams