Dreaming of the dead smiling at me, one is that there will be a big happy event, depending on how many people have happened in your dream. The second type is not good. You need to be careful and keep your family safe.

Dreaming of the dead smiling at me,Something unexpected will happen.

The businessman dreamed that the dead smiled at me, indicating that the business was going to lose money recently.

The woman dreamed that the dead smiled at me, and the omen had the opportunity to travel, but there was a disaster during the trip, and it was better to cancel it.

Dreaming of talking to the dead, suggesting that you want to be famous, or that your wishes can be achieved, things go well, and you will receive good news.

Dreaming of dining with someone who died would foretell you to live long. (From) Dreaming of holding the dead, foreshadows you good fortune and a prosperous career.

If you feel that the body smells bad, or even grows a tadpole, it may even indicate that you will be rich. However, if you dream about holding the body and crying in pain for the name of the dead, it indicates that the dreamer may encounter changes and accidents, and even endanger her life.

If you are holding a skull in your dream, it implies that you may be vilified, reminding you to beware of deception. Dreaming that the dead came into the house, foreshadow good luck, and Geely came to the door.

Dream of the dead as alive as when a happy life, laughing, indicating the dreamer lives may be adversely impact, beware suffer.