Ghosts represent bad things and are a bad sign.

  Dreaming that the upper body of the ghost may be caused by the incorrect sleeping position. Do n’t put your hands on your heart or stomach when you sleep. If the quilt is too thick, you may be oppressing yourself. Relaxing will be better.

  The child dreamed of being turned on by a ghost, indicating that the relationship with his family was very good. At this time, you can retreat from your father and "deceive" to get more pocket money.

  Candidates dreamed of being trapped on their bodies, indicating that the test scores were unsatisfactory and more effort was required.

  Businessman dreamed of being a ghost upper body, ( Dream Dictionary ) That means your fortune is good.

  Dreaming of a ghost upper body, you will be in danger.

  The job seeker dreams about the upper body of your ghost, indicating that your fortune is poor.

  The female dreamed that the ghost was going to go far away. Ji, be careful of thieves while traveling.

  When men dream of ghosts, it means disaster will happen. At this time, they should save money and avoid disasters.