Dreaming about the late elder, maybe this symbolizes a period of life you used to have, but it is now lost. Think about it, is it because you leave your hometown and go back to your hometown to apply for a job, leaving you a little bit uneasy and uneasy, but determined to stay? Perhaps because of this, you will repeatedly dream about the elders who died.

Dreaming of a loved one who has died is a very common dream. You don't need to be too surprised. Some surveys show that the relatives in the dream generally speak very little, which means that you only express your subconscious love. If you talk to the dreamer, the content of the dialogue is often the hint that the dreamer himself wants others to give. There are many netizens dreaming of a loved one who has lived with him in the past. This kind of dream is very harmonious. In normal times, you may think "what if he / she would be", and this wish is The dream came true.

Dreaming of the deceased walking out of the coffin, a sign that friends who have not been in contact for a long time will come suddenly.

Dreaming of talking to the deceased indicates that some small wishes can be achieved, that things that are in progress will be successful, or things that are being discussed will have good news.

But if the deceased weeping in the dream, everything is not going well, and the wish cannot be fulfilled.

Dreaming of the fortunate sign that the deceased will enter the house.

Dreaming of holding a corpse is a great fortune and good fortune: if the corpse smells bad, your career will be more prosperous, if you are dying for a dead corpse, you will gain a lot of money and may make a fortune.