The bodhisattva in the middle represents the predestined relationship of the Buddha, and doing good deeds will be rewarded. Dreaming that the Bodhisattva smiled, the smile of the Bodhisattva in the dream is a symbol of mercy to the world.

To dream of Ksitigarbha, you are destined with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Dreaming of this dream means that all you wish is good. Anything that is good and meaningful to the public is not harmful.

Ji Shichen, who is in charge of the Ksitigarbha in Nandang Town, Yueqing, has always done good deeds. Before that, one day chanting the Ksitigarbha scriptures , knowing the sufferings of hell, was very frightening. I also saw the scriptures saying that if you want to know the birthplace of your parents, you can recite the Bodhisattva's original vows and get instructions from the Bodhisattva. So I made a vow and chanted the fast. After more than 30 days, I saw the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva in my dream, sitting on the rosette, shining brightly and illuminating the earth. The bodhisattva has a solemn Dharma and said to Ji Ji: "Your parents are still in the underworld." Then led him to a place. The layman saw his parents sitting in the courtyard of the main hall and chanting Buddha with rosary beads, but they did not speak. When the rooster cried, he woke up, burned incense and knelt in front of the Bodhisattva, and renewed his great wish, wishing his parents would have bliss early and he would never kill himself for life. From then on, no matter how busy I am every day, I would recite the Ksitigarbha scriptures once, taking the responsibility of advocating the Dharma and saving all sufferings as my own responsibility. I have not slackened for several years. The establishment of the Ksitigarbha Dharma Conference this time, Ji Ji gave a lot of power.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

People with fire signs dream that the Bodhisattva smiled, which means that they are in frustration;

People with earth signs dream that the Bodhisattva smiled, which means that their loved ones may be sick. I am in distress;

People with wind signs dream that the Bodhisattva smiles, which means that love life is full of joy;

People with water signs dream that the Bodhisattva smiled, which means that they are very weak and need help from others.

Dream Jizo King, Kyrgyzstan. The Lord’s wish is fulfilled, a magnificent cause, and a lot of help. Menglin Xuanjie