Dreaming about the emperor Jade is a good sign. In your life, you will meet noble people to help you improve your status. It also indicates that your body is healthy, energetic, and everything goes well.

Dreaming of God is a sign of success and profit.

Dreaming of God holding a sword in his hand, the enemy will be destroyed.

Dreaming of God holding the three-pronged fork in his hand, his anger was irresistible, and a disaster would come to the residential area.

Married women dreamed that God smiled and gave birth to a son who became famous in his youth.

Dreaming that God holds himself in his arms, he will live happily and live longer than Nanshan.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream God Jade Emperor, Daji. Seeing Emperor Zhao, it is a sign of nobility, or honored in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, or the first class of immortals. Pay attention to the gentleman, Pei Yumingke. Mysterious Dreams