Regarding the dreams of "remains", in general, "remains", "spirit cards", and "strangers" appear in such dreams. From a psychological perspective, the "remains" generally represent their impressions in others' eyes, the "spirit card" represents their own merits, and the "stranger" in dreams represents the level of self-character that they have not yet known. The dream of a "remaining image" shows that you sometimes feel contradictory and want to re-understand your true self.

Dreaming of your own image shows that you are maturing, and you want to discover the "dark" side of your character, and restrain and improve it; if so, remember that the haste is not reached, you must seek in stability breakthrough.

Dreaming about the image of a dead person , if it is the image of a loved one, it only represents a kind of feelings of love, if the loved one is still alive, it represents his love; if it is a stranger's image, this stranger is actually a dream The other side of middle self represents that you want to know yourself again.