Dreaming of prayer is good. It represents a state of mental energy gathering, symbolizing social status or physical health.

  Generally speaking, men dream of praying, suggesting that social status is about to improve.

  A woman dreaming that she is praying indicates that her husband and child are in good health; a woman dreaming that she is praying with a man may be a sign of misfortune or disaster.

  Dreaming of many people praying, suggesting that you can get everyone's help. Men dreaming of such dreams also expressed the respect of society.

  But if you dream of attending a religious or prayer meeting, you need to pay special attention to your health and you may get sick.

  Dreaming of someone who teases and prays indicates that you will be attacked and harassed by the adversary, and you will suffer losses.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream pray for sunny and rain, Kyrgyzstan. This dreamer wins the glory of the sun and the moon, and the occasion of the storm. Mysterious Dreams

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: Praying in your dreams means you want outside help.

  Psychoanalysis: People always believe in a higher power in life. Praying in a dream indicates that you seek a dialogue with this power and shows your devotion to this power.

  Spiritual Symbol: From a spiritual perspective, praying in a dream means that you acknowledge higher power and seek its support and help.

  Case Study of Dreaming of Prayer

  Dream description: In a dream, my friend asked me to accompany her to church. Leaving the church, I felt a solemn feeling in my heart. I found that there are many people in the church, and there may be dozens of them. My friend was praying silently, and I saw her look very religious. (Female, 22 years old)

  Dream analysis: prayer in dreams is a sign of social status and physical health. Men dream of praying, indicating that your social status will be improved; women dream of praying, indicating that your family is healthy, and dream of everyone praying, that they will be helped by everyone.

  Hymns like dreams are a symbol of good news. Hearing hymns in your dreams heralds something of pride or joy. Praising hymns in your dreams means that your life is peaceful and peaceful. Writing hymns in your dreams shows that your plan will proceed steadily.